The 10 most searched countries or country codes:

Country Country code TLD Local time
5.South Africa+2701127za18:52
10.China+8601186cn22:52 - 00:52

Country calling codes / Country codes

Country codes for international telephone calls (country calling codes) are similar to the local area codes for a city when calling within the country. Of course, this does not mean that the local area codes can be omitted for phone calls to foreign countries. For international telephone calls, one has to start by dialing the country code that usually begins with '00', then the national area code, however, generally without the leading zero that may appear in the area code, and finally, like usual, the number of the person you want to reach. Therefore, the number used to make a call within the UK 08765.123456 will become 0044.8765.123456 for calls coming from Austria, Switzerland or another country. Any exceptions to this rule that are known to us can be found on this website. If possible, the city/town or region from which a telephone number originates should also be provided. For example, the telephone number +49301234 originates from Berlin (Germany).

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Country calling codes generally have four digits within Europe, but outside of Europe they may have either five or six digits, or also only three digits as is the case in North America or Russia. All country calling codes have the two leading zeros in common, which are also often represented by a simple '+' in front of the country code. In this case, the country calling code '0044' would be written as '+44'. The country codes are assigned by the International Telecommunication Union, or ITU.

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