Area Code 707 (+1707 / 0111707 / 001707)

Where does the area code 707 come from? (+1707 / 0111707 / 001707, United States of America)

The prefix 707 is the area code for California. For the fictitious phone number 18483180 and the area code 707 the number to dial is 707 18483180. And California is located in United States of America.

The area code prefix assigns the phone number of a subscriber to a specific location. Other types of prefix exist in addition to the area code: International country prefixes, the prefixes of mobile phone providers and the prefixes of various services. These are combined to suit several purposes. When calling from one country to another in cases where the recipient of the call has a landline, the country prefix is combined with the area code and the number of the subscriber. For the fictitious phone number 18483180, the area code 707 (California) and the Country code 001 the number to dial is 001 707 18483180. If the call is to a mobile device, the Country code is combined with the mobile service provider's prefix and the number of the subscriber. If a call is made to a subscriber in the same country, the Country code can be omitted. In the case of national calls from one landline to another, the area code can also be omitted in many countries when both subscribers have the same area code. Particularly in countries where subscribers are able to keep the same telephone number after moving to another location or city, the area code – in this case 707 – must of course also be dialled.

Both the country prefix and the area code prefix have one or more digits before the actual prefix. These digits indicate to the telephone exchange that the following digits are an area code or a Country code and not the actual phone number. In the case of area codes, this is usually a zero. In the case of Country codes, Western European countries and most countries in Africa, South America and the Middle East follow the ITU recommendation to use two zeros. However, some countries do not adhere to this recommendation: For example, the countries that participate in the North American numbering scheme use 011, and Japan uses 010.

Services that are accessed through service prefixes may incur charges not only from telecommunication companies, but also from the companies that offer these services. As a result, a number of dubious companies offer services that are of little use but incur high fees. In order to increase their profits still further, such services attempt to keep callers on the line for as long as possible. The supervisory authorities regularly take action against such providers, but that cannot be relied upon. In addition to special numbers that can be identified by means of their prefixes, there are also speed-dial numbers. The most well-known are the emergency number 112 in Europe and 911 in North America. These numbers can be used nationwide and need no prefixes, i.e. no Country code +1 (001) or area code 707 (California).

As a general rule, the caller's telephone number is transmitted to the recipient of the call and shown on the display. Although it is possible to suppress your own telephone number, which makes sense in terms of data protection, it should come as no surprise if the person that you are calling does not accept the call. Many people want to know who is calling them and do not accept anonymous calls.

If you are outside France and you want to call a person in California, in addition to the area code, you need the Country code for the country you wish to call. The Country code for France is +1 (001), so if you are in France and you want to call a person in California, you have to prefix that person’s phone number with +1 707. The zero in front of the area code is omitted in this case. For the fictitious phone number 18483180, the area code 707 (California) and the Country code 001 the number to dial is 001 707 18483180.