Find and delete duplicate addresses

Software to find and
delete duplicate addresses

Are you tired of dealing with low-quality data, such as that found in marketing address lists? With duplicate entries that are difficult to recognise, especially if they are the names of companies or people? Or merging data from different sources? These products could offer you a solution:

  • DedupeWizard 8: A simple software that can be used without any special technical knowledge to search for duplicate addresses in Excel. Duplicate addresses can be found using the postal address, the telephone number and/or the email address, either within a single address list or between two address lists, such as is required for the consideration of e.g. Robinson or opt-out lists. Only Excel files can be processed.
  • DataQualityTools 8: Compared to DedupeWizard, DataQualityTools offer more options to search for duplicate addresses and also a whole series of additional functions to process address data, such as a function to merge data fields. In addition to Excel files, the program can also process dBase, ACCESS, VistaDB, and text files as well as database servers such as MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, ORACLE and MySQL.
  • BatchDeduplicator 8: BatchDeduplicator contains essentially the same functions as DataQualityTools to search for duplicate addresses. Like with DataQualityTools, large databases can be processed, several million records generally do not represent a problem. The projects can be scheduled and provided with a time of execution, to thus be carried out e.g. every Tuesday at 5 pm.

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